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In just a few years, the Internet has become the ultimate source for almost anything. Yet, with more and more information, companies, and products being published online every day, the Internet is getting harder and harder for the average person to navigate or just find the simplest item they are looking for.

That is where the idea of came together. I was tired of surfing through page after page of useless links that brought me to places that didn't have the products I wanted or information that even related to my search. I am a member on many F-body forums but the only links are usually the sponsors and even then I had to go to each website to determine if they sold the parts I wanted. There needed to be a central website that listed all the sites useful for the Camaro & Firebird. Be it install information, forums, car clubs, parts vendors & manufactures. I wanted a site that I could go to and get a full list of links for any part I wanted to find, and that's what is based on.